Landscapes for Landsake 2018 part 1

"A Quiet Walk"
soft pastel
 This view is looking east across the open field on the Cromie Farm.

"Golden Day at Gordon Creek"
soft pastel
This is the creek behind the garden, a wonderful place for cousins to play and explore.
"Afternoon Sky"
soft pastel
This view is from the garden path looking west in the late afternoon.

How local agricultural landscape informs my work:
My father and his two brothers grew up on a small dairy farm in Saratoga County. When I was growing up, they raised a few beef cows, sold hay and planted a huge garden feeding our family and many more. My inheritance was roaming the fields, exploring the creek, climbing into the hayloft and savoring the shade of the giant maples. It was here I learned the beauty of creation. This fertile soil of my grandparents’ farm made me an artist.
I love sharing my work and wanderings on this blog and also as LC Kemmerling on Instagram and Facebook.




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